Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zero Fusses

What a ham! This kid loves the camera and loves taking pictures or getting his picture taken. He will ask to get his picture taken and strike a silly pose. And I'm seeing a trend of wearing his favorite blue shirt. I love it!!! He started preschool a few weeks ago. I was so nervous that it would be such a hassle and struggle to even get him to go. He has such a hard time with sunbeams that I anticipated the same fight. His first day went better than I expected (only one fight w/ another little kid that didn’t want to clean up when Max wanted to). And now the first thing he says when I pick him up is, “Mom, I went to preschool with NO FUSS!” Or I’ll ask him how his day was and he’ll say, “I had ZERO FUSSES”. He absolutely loves it and is excited to go and learn. He loves his teachers and I think it makes him feel like he has his own thing instead of just following in Lukas’ shadow. He wants so much to do what Lukas does and now he finally gets his chance. I couldn't be more proud.

He LOVES Scooby Doo. Every day I hear, “Mom, do you want to play Scooby Doo? I’ll be Shaggy and you be Scooby. Now say, ‘Ruh Roh Raggy, I’m rungry’.” And I have to talk in the Scooby voice until he says “pause” then I get a few seconds of a break and he’ll “unpause” so we can finish playing. I must say it gets old quick, but if it keeps him happy I’ll gladly oblige .

Funny things he says or does: One Sunday Pat was helping to pass the sacrament. Max noticed and said rather loudly to Lukas, "Look, Daddy's at the food table!!!"

He recently discovered hand sanitizer. I got him his own little one to put in his backpack for school. Now he gets it out and uses it all the time because he "touched something dirty."

We will be playing and he'll think something is so funny, so he'll say, "Mom, you're crackin' my brain."

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